TileĀ andĀ Carpet Installation

With Fox Flooring your options go well beyond wood floors. We provide carpet and tile installation, as well as vinyl.

Brent Fox and his team can help you select from hundreds of tile options as well as every grade, style, color, and texture of carpet available and help you sort through hundreds of tiling options.

Carpets: From Berbers to Saxony, Plush, and Commercial Loop styles, the style and durability you need is available for your home or office.

There are several types of tiles used for residential and commercial applications, in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and surrounds, hallways, and more.

Granite is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is naturally antibacterial and not susceptible to water damage.

Slate is a natural material and is available in several color ranges, from gray to purple to black.

Travertine comes in a neutral sand color and is most often used for in bathrooms and showers.

Marble is a popular option but one that must be sealed before installation is complete. As no cut of marble is the same, it offers a unique and rich look.

Sandstone is a very durable, natural stone that is often used in backsplashes.

Vinyl flooring is a lower cost but high-quality option for many households and businesses. Today vinyl flooring comes in hundreds of colors and styles that looks like higher cost wood and stone products.