Hardwood Installation and Floor Refinishing

Whether you want to have your old carpets removed to uncover and revitalize the beautiful floor underneath or install new floors over an existing floor or sub floor, Fox Flooring can help you sort through all your options.

Refinishing your existing flooring will breathe new life into your home’s original wood flooring. Whether your floors are showing considerable wear, or you just want to remove surface scratches or change the color, refinishing your wood floors might be the best option.

Unfinished wood flooring provides you the flexibility to choose the species of wood and the exact stain and finish to suit your style. This is an option for newer homes or ones with severely damaged existing wood floors.

Factory-finished wood flooring is available in a tremendous variety of woods and stains and because it’s already finished, it is ready to walk on immediately after installation.

Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of different wood veneers, making them stronger and less prone to expanding and contacting due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature.